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Bethune's presentation


Population : 26 623 inhabitants (2012 census)

Area : 943 hectares.

Béthune is one of the six administrative subdivisions of the department of Pas-de-Calais. It is a lovely town with a great cultural heritage whilst being lively and modern.

Grand Place de nuit


A 100 out of the 943 hectares are green spaces with 1 public park, 6 parks, 17 playgrounds, a marina and 1750m (1.09 miles) of waterway.

Since he was elected mayor in March 2014, Olivier Gacquerre, along with his team, is planing to carry out various plans such as the renovation of several districts of the town. Moreover, district councils have been established in order to hear out citizens.

Béthune also has higher education establishments in which foreign exchanges students are happy to enrol.Grand Place et Hôtel de Ville

Citizens are involved in various associations promoting culture, sports, social activities, craftworks, etc.

Important events such as Béthune Rétro or Z’Arts Up greatly attract people from in and out of town.



Béthune is part of the ARTOIS COMM.Urban Community along with 58 other towns, that is nearly 210 000 people settled in an area of 386km2 (240miles2).

Being the main city of the community, Béthune has to take a strong stance on the political stage.

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