The belfru and its chimes

The Belfry

The Belfry is a symbol of medieval as well as modern histories. Le Beffroi

It was previously used as a watch-tower in order to prevent any kind of danger.

The Belfry of Béthune was chosen the General Council to be the logo of the department of Nord-Pas-de-Calais.


Important dates :

1346 : construction of the 1st wooden belfry used as a jail.

1388 : recontruction of the belfry in sandstone.

1668 : the weather vane dragon is installed at the top.

1773 : the 6-bell carillon replaced by a 36-bell carillon.

May 18th 1944 : the center of Béthune is bombed, the centre-ville destroyed.

Tough in bad shape, the belfry still stands.


The Carillon of the BelfryLe carillon du Beffroi

Originally, when it was built (1346), the belfry had only one alarm bell. Throughout its existence, the belfry has seen its "beautiful musical organ" expand ...

In 1546, the aldermen install him a set of six bells
In 1553, Charles V, who took the city, compléte chime with "bells Therouanne".
In 1773, Philip the Corsin fate of his workshop a magnificent 36-bell carillon.
The bombing during wars 14/18 and 39/45 will stop the metal chime melody. The big bell "Happy" stops chiming in 1918. It is replaced by the "Vigilante".
In 1951, a new instrument with 35 bells made ​​by the workshops Paccart settled in the Béthune Belfry. It will then renovated in 1998.

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