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The economy of the town

The economy of the town

As the Old Regime ended, Béthune started to influence a lot its surroundings. Its economy singnificantly grew since the industrial revolution, in particular when mining resources were discovered.

The establishment of Bridgestone (20th century) made of Béthune the second site for tyre production, along with Beaumarais and Mac Cain, important food processing industries.

The nine main industries in town are :

Bridgeston Firestone (tyres) : 1500 employees

City Hall : 862

Auchan (shopping center) : 426

Beaumarais (potatoes) : 365

Tolméga (metal industry) : 333

Cheminées Philippe (Stone fireplaces) : 210

Les Autobus Artésiens (public transportation) : 205

Logista (repairing of personal items) : 125

Frantschach (production of industrial packaging) : 103

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